Online Car-Buying Made Simple with AcceleRide

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 Acceleride at Mercedes-Benz of Augusta

Online Car-Buying Made Simple with AcceleRide®

What is AcceleRide® and How Does It Improve Online Car-Buying?

Buying a luxury car or SUV from a Mercedes-Benz dealership is easier and more flexible than ever. The rapid expansion of online eCommerce technology has found a home with new car buying and selling. One of the leading platforms is AcceleRide®, an innovative platform that streamlines the process of buying your next vehicle from Mercedes-Benz of Augusta.

Online car-buying has become the method of choice of multitasking professionals, those working from home, or people who simply enjoy the flexibility and safety of online purchases. It provides seamless and 100% secure access to a diverse inventory of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles at our Augusta car dealership, select options and trim levels, complete financing, and even sell or trade in your existing vehicle.

There are a lot of features and benefits of AcceleRide®. Let’s review how this auto buying platform works, the tools packed into the system, and why it’s a smart solution for those looking for a convenient and safer method of buying their next Mercedes-Benz.

What is AcceleRide?

AcceleRide® is the latest evolution to improve the automotive buying process. It connects to mobile devices, tablets, or computers and permits drivers to shop for and purchase a new luxury coupe, sedan, or SUV from the palm of their hand. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to browse inventory, customize options, create financing programs that fit your needs and budgets, and even close the deal.

AcceleRide® is 100% digital, reduces stress and haggling from the auto-buying process, and extremely simple to navigate. If you have questions on how to use the platform or how to choose options, the team at Mercedes-Benz of Augusta is available to help you through the process.

How Does AcceleRide® Work?

The AcceleRide® platform is a global platform, but it is always customized for each dealership that offers the service to their valued customers. Being cloud-based permits users to navigate and access every tool remotely. AcceleRide® creates a smooth and transparent process for selecting the perfect series to fit your desire and budget:

Choose a Mercedes-Benz Vehicle: Whether you prefer the performance of an AMG® or off-road capacity of a G-Wagon, the first step is to choose the Mercedes-Benz class that fits you best. This can be done to configure a brand-new Mercedes-Benz or a find a Certified Pre-Owned.

Customize Your Trim and Features: You have the power to customize your new Mercedes-Benz. Drivers can compare trim levels, configurations, package options, interior and exterior colors and more.

Select Your Financing Program: Whether you’re looking to lease or purchase a sedan, coupe or SUV from Mercedes-Benz of Augusta, the AcceleRide® platform makes the process seamless and simple. You can enter your financial information on the 100% secure network and receive customized financing rates that fit you best.

Submit the Application – Receive Approval – Choose Pick-Up or Delivery: When you’re finished configuring your new Mercedes-Benz or found that perfect Certified Pre-Owned, submit your application for approval. Once the deal has been approved, you’ll receive notification, and determine if you want to test drive and/or pick up the vehicle and sign papers at our Augusta car dealership or have everything delivered to your home.

What are the Benefits of AcceleRide®?

Buying a new car, or SUV is streamlined with AcceleRide®. Augusta, GA drivers can complete the entire process from home, the office, or while they travel – which removes the need to visit dealerships, shop around, or struggle with some dealerships that are less than honest and ethical.

Convenient Car Buying: AcceleRide® is the most convenient and flexible way to buy a new Mercedes-Benz. No matter what vehicle you’re looking for, you can complete the process at your pace and comfort level.

100% Safe and Secure: Have peace of mind with your safety concerns knowing that the entire process is digital.

Have Questions? Mercedes-Benz of Augusta is Here for You

Shopping for and purchasing or leasing a new Mercedes-Benz has never been easier or safer. While AcceleRide® is incredibly seamless and easy to use, it’s quite possible you’ll have questions about configurations, financing, or other tasks involved with buying a car.

Our team at Mercedes-Benz of Augusta is ready to help you through the online car-buying process. Whether you have questions about new or used vehicles in our inventory, or not clear about financing terms, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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