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Leasing and Financing

Choosing The Best Fit For Your Situation

Many drivers in the Augusta area and throughout have to make the choice of financing a vehicle or leasing a vehicle. Whether or not financing is the right choice depends on the vehicle and on the driver’s situation. Of course, a great deal comes down to personal preference. However, leases and financing agreements each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The best way to figure out what the right option for your situation is to meet with experienced financing professionals.

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Comparing Monthly Payments

Getting a car lease and a car loan for the same vehicle often result in substantially different monthly payments. In general, the monthly payments that are included in a car lease agreement are lower than those of the financing agreement. How much lower varies widely depending on the buyer’s credit and on the vehicle itself. In general, the payments for a lease will be about 25% less than the payments for a loan on the same vehicle. Prospective car buyers really need to run the numbers for both leasing and financing in order to see how their monthly payments may differ.

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Mileage Allowances

One of the biggest differences between a lease agreement and a finance argument is that lease agreements usually have mileage restrictions. Leases are available with several different mileage limits. The most common are 6,000 miles, 9,000 miles and 12,000 miles. Leases are most affordable when paired with the lowest number of miles. With a financing agreement, the driver can put as many miles on the vehicle as they want. There are no mileage limits. With a lease, going over the mileage limit can result in penalties depending on the terms of the lease agreement.

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The Different Lengths Of Car Loans & Car Leases

Car loans are usually longer than car leases. The most common term for a car lease is 3 years. Comparatively, the most common term for a financing agreement is 5 years. Of course, the lengths of both financing agreements and lease agreements can vary widely. However, leasing agreements are usually shorter than finance agreements. Drivers who want to experience as many different Mercedes-Benz vehicles as possible may want to go with a lease so they can get a new Mercedes-Benz at Mercedes-Benz of Augusta more quickly.

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